Book Review: The best CSCP question bank to ACE your exam

I just came across a question bank on amazon and from its contents i liked the approach taken. It goes through all the sub modules in the CSCP exam and helps individuals to rehearse their concepts in a fashion similar to the exam.


As i passed my CSCP 6 years ago, i couldnt put it to actual use, but referred this question bank to friends who had yet to take the exam. Though some were put off with the high pricing, others were willing to spend the money to be sure. Turns out, all of them passed with heavy percentiles are now recommending the book to their acquaintances. Such resources are very hard to find and i was delighted to find this recently listed on Amazon. This prompted me to write this post to help all test-takers reading this blog. Go ahead and buy now by clicking the link below and thank me when you ace your exam later. Drop in reviews and maybe the company might come back with more exam acing tools!


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